The Academy provides a range of courses and CPD to train you to work online training courses. These are summarised below and each have their own page as well which you can access in the lefthand column. To book and pay for each course please go to Book and Pay page and download the correct registration form.

Diploma in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy

317 hours, 31 credits

A qualification equivalent to Level 7, a Post-Graduate Diploma, within the UK Frameworks for HE Qualifications


DIP0005:  24th April 2018 –
                 30th November 2018

                 Tuesday morning &

                 Friday afternoon


DIP0006:  24th September 2018

                 – 4th April 2019

                Monday evenings &

                Thursday evenings


A fully comprehensive course preparing you to be a professional online counsellor or psychotherapist eligible for ACTO Professional Member Status.
This course is geared towards those setting up and running an online private practice and leaders and commissioners of services.
This diploma course runs for 24 weeks (plus 4 weeks for the final coursework) and 2 reading weeks, with a mixture of tutorials, supervision, personal and group study, online personal therapy and working with clients.


General Certificate in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy

63 hours, 6 credits

A qualification equivalent to Level 4 within the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

  •  13 & 27 Jan 2018
  •  22 May & 5 June 2018
  • 20 Jun & 4 Jul 2018

CERTIFICATE COURSE PART 2 DATES (Please see the brochure for full details of dates)

w/c Mon 26 Feb 2018
w/c Mon 16 Apr 2018

This General Certificate in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy course is intended as an introduction to working online for practitioners working online already, or who are intending to work online, within an existing agency or organisation or on an existing platform such as Dr Julian.
It is also appropriate for those acting as line managers or clinical supervisors within an existing agency or organisational setting to gain insight into online working but not for those who supervise independent practitioners in private practice.

CPD short courses for working online therapeutically and understanding the digital impact on face to face psychotherapy

Duration: various as credit based


We run a number of short CPD courses which are suitable also for those working in face to face practice wanting to understand the digital impact on their practice, such as social media, setting up an easy to manage website or understanding how to safely use technology, the use of virtual reality in both online & face to face practice.


Equally these courses will form part of the modular choices for our Modular Diploma in online Counselling and Psychotherapy which will be launched in September 2018, but you can already start doing CPD / short courses towards this diploma.

Diploma in Digital Supervision

This diploma will start in Autumn 2018. If this would interest you please email us at

Want to test your digital psychotherapy and online psychotherapy knowledge?

Why not start by completing our 5 minute digital skills quiz?  It will help guide you as to whether you have sufficient skills or not for both undertstanding what happens digitally in the face to face consulting room as well as working therapeutically online. 

MODULAR Diploma in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy

Starting on 1st January 2018, this modular diploma is designed to be self-paced taking account of your prior experience and learning whilst encompassing all the ingredients within The Academy’s Diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy.