NEXT COURSES:        DIP0005:  24th April 2018 –  30th November 2018                                                                           Tuesday morning & Friday afternoon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 DIP0006:  24th September 2018  – 4th April 2019                                                                             Monday evenings & Thursday evenings                                                                

This diploms course provide you with a fully comprehensive training as a professional online counsellor or psychotherapist eligible for the Association of Counselling and Therapy Online Professional Member Register ACTO


You can download the Brochure for this course and the Registration Form in either Word or as a PDF by going to the https://www.pwtraining.com/courses/download-area-brochures-forms/  page. To book please go to the Book & Pay page.


Our previous diploma cohorts have given given feeback that they are delighted with the training they have received and are highly enthusiastic about their online therapeutic work. We hope you might want to follow their lead!


Each Diploma course involves 317 hours of teaching, workshops, personal study time,supervision, personal therapy and online client work. It will involve participants in a mixture of tutorials, supervision, personal and group study, online personal therapy and working with clients. 


Most of our students are already very experienced therapists and choose to do the course to either develop their own online practice or on behalf of an organisation that is planning or already running an online service.


Every person chooses our course for their own reasons. This course's aims are geared around ensuring that you fulfil your chosen goals for the course. For this reason we have opted for an external examiner rather than external validation, so that we can be more flexible about our students’ learning needs. If you're setting up an online schools based service you'll have a very different set of goals than if you'rw setting up an online psychoanalytic psychotherapy private practice. You will negotiate your goals and the focus of your coursework with your tutor to be sure that we help you fulfil your goals.


Topics include:

  • Risk assessment and management of your online practice
  • Contracting, security, confidentiality and jurisdiction
  • Setting up a website and social media presence and social media policy
  • Therapeutic use of email, live chat, video and virtual reality
  • The online therapeutic alliance
  • Using a variety of online platforms
  • Individual and group therapeutic work
  • Adapting your face to face training… and much more.
  • Digitial psychotherapy and online psychotherapy
  • The role of apps, creativity and virtual reality

Who this course is suitable for:

  • Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Psychologists with at least a diploma level or equivalent qualification. 
  • This course is particularly suitable for those who already work online or planning shortly to work online whether in private practice or for an organisation.
  • This course will be taught in English and is open to professionals from all countries.  You will be required to be able to study and communicate well in English for acceptance to the course. 
  • Teaching and supervision will be via a blend of email, live chat and video.


We have our own online classroom and library and signing up for this course will give you lifelong access to The Academy Online Library.