MODULAR Diploma in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy     Ref: MODDIP

Starting in January 2018 this modular diploma is designed to be self-paced and to take account of your prior experience and learning whilst encompassing all the ingredients within The Academy’s Diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy.


At the Academy we realise that there are some mental health practitioners already working online, whether for themselves or for an organisation, who may have received some formal or informal training, and therefore may not wish to complete a formal 24 week diploma course. We have devised this Modular Diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy specifically for this group of people, and for those also who may prefer to learn in this way.


The Modular Diploma curriculum comprises 31 credits and you will need to achieve 31 credits to pass the Modular Diploma.



The key components are:






                      WORKSHOPS or / and APPLIED PRIOR
                      LEARNING AND EXPERIENCE 


More details about this course:


SECTION 1 The Core Curriculum for the Modular Diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy - 6 credits

The items listed in the course prospectus in green are the Core Curriculum for the modular Diplomas in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy. This is, in fact, also our General Certificate in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy. This course starts in January 2018, and you may complete other credits prior to or after this course.


SECTION 2 Ancillary items compulsory for the Modular Diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy – 9 credits

There are other items in the Diploma which are also compulsory, but these can be covered in different ways, for example, through existing or previous work.


SECTION 3 evidence of prior learning or through selecting a variety of Academy Certificate Level Courses – 16 credits

The other 16 credits can be achieved by either providing proof of having achieved the items of learning in a different setting included documented evidence, or by opting for some short courses and workshops. The can be provided by any organisation so long at they are an ACTO Training Provider. Our Academy courses vary in length and credits.


This might be combined with some evidence of prior learning. This this will need to be written up and delivered as a piece of work, between 1500 and 3000 words, the subject to be negotiated and agreed with the Course Director and mutually signed off before the beginning of the course. The charge for each piece of work submitted will £150.00 and will provide you with 2 credits per piece of work.


Most of our students are already very experienced therapists choosing to do the course to either develop their own online practice or on behalf of an organisation that is planning or already running an online service. Because every person chooses our course for their own reasons, this course's aims are geared around ensuring that you fulfil your chosen goals for the course.


For this reason we have opted for an external examiner rather than external validation: we can be more flexible about our students’ learning needs. If you're setting up an online schools based service you'll have a very different set of goals than if you’re setting up an online psychoanalytic psychotherapy private practice. You negotiate your goals and the focus of your coursework with your tutor to be sure that we help you fulfil your goals.


You will have three years to complete your Modular Diploma in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy starting from the first date of the Part 1 of the General Certificate course that you sign up to.


As every student signing up for this course will have unique experience and learning it is impossible to provide a “one size fits all” modular course. Your will discussion and agree with your tutor at the outset (and in reviews) both the goals you wish to achieve and where you have gaps in your knowledge and experience that need to be explored.


Who this course is suitable for:

  • Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Psychologists with at least a diploma level or equivalent qualification. Anyone with a different qualification, should contact the Admissions Officer (e.g. Chaplain, Psychiatrists, Health Visitors…) to see whether your qualification or experience is adequate for this course.
  • If you don’t hold these qualifications you may be eligible via our Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) route. Acceptance on to the course for those without the minimum qualification, is subject to the discretion of the Training Director.
  • Anyone with a different qualification (such as Chaplains, Psychiatrists, Health Visitors), should contact   the Admissions Officer to see whether your qualification or experience is appropriate.
  • This course is particularly suitable for those who already work online or planning shortly to work online whether in private practice or for an organisation.
  • This course will be taught in English and is open to professionals from all countries. You will be required to be able to study and communicate well in English for acceptance to the course. If English is not your first language please contact the Admission Officer.
  • This course is geared towards those working online or planning to, in both private practice or as leaders of services.

Course Fees:


Core curriculum General Certificate in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy, parts 1 and 2



Compulsory Ancillary items

Covered in Section 1 costs



Varying according to short courses length and what is involved


Applied Prior Learning

£125.00 per piece of work delivered