Developing an online therapy website using WordPress

Tutor: Mieke Haveman




11th February 2018 10.00 am -  15.00 UK time

18th February 2018 10.00 am -  16.00 UK time

Both days include lunch & coffee breaks



Meeting software

Zoom video

Level of prior knowledge required

No knowledge or experience of websites required

Tools required

Laptop with webcam and sound

Credits awarded

1 credit

Course Aim

To show course participants what a WordPress website looks like and provide the building blocks for a simple website.

Course outcome

To provide you with the tools to be able to build a simple 3 page website

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*This course counts for a 1 credit and requires no preparation or homework, unless you wish to do so.  


The aim of this course is to introduce you to the basic components of building a WordPress website and to provide you with the building blocks to be able to achieve a simple 3 page website.  


The practice will take place within the tutor’s website, but this course will give you the knowledge to make a website on your own or to sign up for the follow-up course in which we do make your website.


The course finishes with a 60 minute tutorial with the course tutor within 1 calendar month of the date of this course (two students at a time). The aim of this tutorial will be to provide feedback and guidance about future ways your website could be developed. You will need to complete a short form before this tutorial.


Once you have booked we will send you the timetable and breakdown of how the two days will be spent. We will also send you the zoom link and the emergency contact details.



                                                      Tutor Bio



Mieke Haveman has been an online coach and counsellor since 2010. And an online tutor since 2011. In addition, she specialises in online marketing. Having developed her own website and Social Media pages she liked the work so much that she followed many courses over the years. She likes sharing her knowledge with other therapists and tries to share this information in a non-technical way. She lives in the Netherlands but has worked with many British clients and students over the years and is a Director of ACTO.




Introduction to the course

This course is intended for complete beginners when it comes to WordPress websites. It is also suitable for people who want to refresh their knowledge. The aim is to let you see the key ingredients of a successful website.


In addition to these meetings you can email the tutor for advice in between meetings if you are stuck on something. You will receive a course guide with ‘how to’ picture guides on the elements of the dashboard. And there will also be ‘how to’ videos you can watch again after the course ends. With these bare bones you can build your own WordPress website afterwards. If you would like more help and guidance there will be a follow up course were I guide you through the whole process and we build your website together.


There are no hidden extra costs for this cost such as buying modules, unless you choose to buy additional things such as domain names and hosting.



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