CPD0004 - Proreal, and the role of avatars & virutal reality


ProReal, avatars and virtual reality in online therapy

Tutor: Michal Wizental




21st February 2018 19.00 – 19.30

07 March 2018 19.00  -  21.00

21 March 2018 19.00  -  20.30

04 April 2018 onwards, licensing process

Cost: training

Cost: 12 months Proreal license

£475.00  (reduced from £650 for Academy students)

£350.00 (reduced from £780 for Academy students)

Meeting software

Zoom video and ProReal

Level of prior knowledge required


Tools required

Laptop with webcam, sound and headset

Credits awarded

2 credits

Course Aim

To integrate use of the ProReal software into your professional practice.

Course outcome

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Provide the learning environment that successfully and ethically integrates virtual reality working into your personal and professional therapy/counselling/supervision/youth counsellor practice.
  • Use ProReal features confidently and in a variety of ways to support and help the client.
  • Listen to language and support labelling to enable clients to reflect on their situation and gain deeper understanding.
  • Operate the User Management System and technology comfortably and effectively.
  • Describe your ProReal learning journey and plan how to continue that journey after your licensing within your own professional practice.

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The programme uses a blended learning approach. You will have access to webinars, videos, reading material and an experienced ProReal Facilitator. You can work through the programme at a pace that suits you, however we recommend to complete it within 6 weeks. Each stage builds on the previous stages so it is essential they are completed in sequence. You will also need to build in enough time between webinars for reflection and practice. You will also be encouraged to reflect on your learning journey and practice using ProReal software.

At the end of the programme you will be awarded a license once you have completed the assessment process and you are comfortable and confident to integrate ProReal within your professional practice. The reflection and assessment process helps you identify your progress and achievement against defined competencies which are essential to ensure you are using ProReal in a productive, meaningful and ethical manner.


At the end of the course, from 4th April 2018 onwards there will be an assessment process prior to awarding licenses. The license, which is provided via The Academy on behalf of ProReal will be £350.00 per annum. Please note we have negotiated a special price for both the training and the licenses and these are only for private practice and not for organisational use.


                                                      Tutor Bio

 Michal started building his business experience at age 16 working for his parents. After his MBA he joined Konica and was responsible for creating the technical team in Poland. When Polish companies were adapting to the requirements of European laws, the main focus of his business career became business change management leading to him consulting for Polish Telecom, Siemens, Netia, Microsoft, IBM BTO, Unilever and many others. He is also certified Gestalt counsellor and accredited ProReal coach and trainer.



Introduction to the course

This chart provides a summary of the teaching and guided learning elements of the coursework, leading to an award of 2 credits.




About the stage

Getting Started

(5 hours)

21st Feb 2018 (course welcoming call) 19:00-20:30

By the end of this stage you will be able to use the software on your own and practice with self-reflective exercises.

Individual Facilitation

(10 hours)

7th Mar 2018 – Webinar 19:00-21:00

During this stage you will experience being a client with an experienced facilitator and have several opportunities to practise and get feedback from volunteer clients. By the end of this stage you will be clear about how to contract ethically with clients for a ProReal session. You will have built confidence and competence working with ProReal as a facilitator in practice sessions.

Practice Integration

(3 hours)

21st Mar 2018 – Webinar 19:00-20:30

This stage will give you the opportunity to check in with the ProReal team and your training colleagues about how you have found the learning journey to date and how you can integrate ProReal into your professional practice.

Get Licensed

(2 hours)

Assessment starting 4th April

By the end of this stage assuming you have completed all the other stages successfully and you are assessed as meeting all the competencies you will have your license!




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