Latest News: August 2017 

A  new name and logo for our company

First of all, we've had a name change from PWTAcademy to the ACADEMY FOR ONLINE COUNSELLING & PSYCHOTHERAPY. It's something about saying it as it is on the tin! We felt it reflected better exactly what we do - train you to work online therapeutically. But that's not all we do, we also train many therapists to understand the digital impact within the consulting room. It's impossible to avoid this, and there is so much to think about, so the Academy is launching some short courses and CPD to help all those practising face to face to think about the impact of the internet, social media and the law (for example the new EU European Data Protection Regulation which is gradually coming into force (Brexit or no Brexit!). For more information about each of the items below please just hit the green link.

Diploma Courses

You've probably noticed we've been busy devleoping new courses. Our Diploma in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy is now well established and the results and feedback have both been excellent. A number of our former students have gone on to get jobs as a result of them completing this diploma, and you'll find a number of our Faculty are students who has received a Distinction. This is a 317 hour of notional learning course over six months,  with 31 credits awarded. The course is designed for those working professionally online especially in private practice or in leadership positions in companies.



We are planning a modular diploma, and to go with that a series of short courses that could either be credits towards the modular diploma, or stand alone Continuing Professional Development for you. Watch this space for more information about these over the next few weeks!

General Certificate Courses

We have now developed a General Certificate for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy. This is a course beginning in August and with courses running throughout the year. It is intended as an introduction to working online for practitioners working online already, or who are intending to work online, within an existing agency or organisation or on an existing platform such as Dr Julian. It is also appropriate for those acting as line managers or clinical supervisors within an existing agency or organisational setting to gain insight into online working but not for those who supervise independent practitioners in private practice.


15/08/17   New partnership with the Dr Julian Mental Health App

Dr Julian is an innovative online mental health care platform designed to improve accessibility of mental healthcare in the UK with the aim of utilising technology to try and overcome some of the accessibility issues facing mental health in this country. 


The Academy are assisting the Dr Julian platform by providing a bespoke General Certificate for Dr Julian therapists.



An appeal for online therapists


Dr Julian is currently looking for new online therapists. If you are trained to work online you'll be able to join and start working straight away, otherwise Dr Julian will contribute towards your course so that you can get going as a therapist as quickly as possible.

21/08/17  An article in the Swindon Advertiser on the Dr Julian Mental Health App

Comment on the article by Pip Weitz


I am delighted to be associated with the Dr Julian Mental Health App .... and as its Director of Psychotherapy Services  I will be working to ensure we provide a high level of service to our clients and patients.


If you're a counsellor or psychotherapist thinking of working online I'd encourage you to think of applying to Dr Julian - where you can be sure that the quality of mental health care provided will be of a high standard - our therapists are all required to be trained to work online, and most are Professional Members (or actively working towards this) of the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online.  If you are not trained to work online, all is not lost -  Dr Julian has put together a training course at a discounted rate to help you get qualified. You can read all about it at and download the course prospectus and booking form at


To apply to Dr Julian please email me at – many thanks.