Online Supervision

Superivision is like spring shoots coming into bud in a garden. They grow within a complex context of structure, texture, depth and life all interwoven and dependent of each other just as the lichen is dependent on the branch of the tree right next to the new shoots. 
In the context of online supervision we are part of the complex structure of the entire garden and each part has a role to play – without the new shoots of spring there would be little excitement in the gardening world and new life is so important, but they cannot live without being in the context of the garden, with the food from the soil, the rays of the sun making their own healthy growth, and the colour and texture providing the cinema that we can observe, enjoy and appreciate. 

And so it is in suprvision. Supervisees and supervisors have much in common with all this with the nurturing, pruning, weeding out, fertilising, feeding etc that all take place for the garden to flourish. Just as the spring shoots could not survive outside the context of a healthy garden (the supervisory and counselling context) so too the supervisory and counselling contexts need the new shoots to keep us opening up to new growth. 


Online Supervision

Pip Weitz will be running 2 online supervision groups during the academic year 2017 - 2018.


There will be a maximum of 6 supervisees in the group, with each member giving a minimum commitment of three months for the stability of the group, and when you are leaving the group we request two months’ notice, as continuity is important. 

There are two online supervision groups. each 90 minutes long on the first Tuesday and first Friday of each month.

Online Group Supervision Application Form in Word Format
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Information about our Online Supervision Groups
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If you're working online, the BACP Working Online guidelines (2015) recommends that you have at least some of your supervision in the same format as the therapy you are providing.


There are less than 25 qualified and experienced online supervisors in the UK and Philippa is one of them. She is listed on the website as a qualified online supervisor. She has a Diploma in Online Therapeutic Supervision.


If you'd like to know more or book some online supervision please just contact her at